To start this business, you need to pay attention to several things so that the business you are going to do can bring maximum profits.

Barbeque utilizes heat from a heat conductor medium from fire to cook food which is currently very popular with Indonesian people.

Not only is the world of entertainment popular, many people, especially millennials, are also interested in Korean BBQ business ideas.

If you are also interested in this millennial-style Korean BBQ business idea, follow the recipe below and prepare beef and chicken capital

has summarized the Millennial-style Korean BBQ Beef and Chicken Recipe which is suitable as a contemporary business idea.

There's no doubt about the results because this millennial-style Korean BBQ beef and chicken business idea recipe is sure to sell well because of its fantastic taste.

Barbeque is considered to be a very potential and promising business. This activity is often found at events such as New Year, birthdays and other celebrations presenting a barbecue menu to spend time together.

to start a Barbeque business that you can join to reap maximum profits.

Read more below, OK!

1. Do Research

The first step to starting this business you need to do research. This needs to be done to help determine the initial capital and how many competitors there are. Doing research will also give you data regarding the equipment and materials needed. Even though it takes a long time, you need to do research first before taking any other steps.

2. Determine an Interesting Concept

There are many concepts that you can choose for this Barbeque business, such as all you can eat, a la carte, home service, and so on. You can choose an existing concept or you can also combine several concepts to differentiate your Barbeque business from others. Determining the concept will help you determine the price, place decoration, equipment and menu that will be provided, so you need to consider the concept carefully.

3. Strategic location

After determining the concept, the next thing is a strategic outlet location. This is important to consider carefully. You need to determine a location that is easily accessible by various types of vehicles, near busy centers, so that it is easily visible to consumers.

4. Appropriate Promotion Strategy

When starting a business, implementing the right promotional strategy is very important to introduce the product to a wider reach of the public. In the current era of digitalization, many digital platforms are very helpful in carrying out promotions to increase sales. You can use social media and marketplace platforms to introduce and reach consumers so that your business can grow and be known to many people. 

5. Quality materials and tools

Using quality raw materials can determine the success of your barbecue business. You need to get a quality raw material supplier and designate him as a supplier. You can look for suppliers when doing research before starting this business. It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the materials of the equipment that will be used, whether they are good for food or not. SOURCE

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