Japanese food has become popular this year. Many restaurants seem to be competing to provide Japanese food as their mainstay menu. For example, dishes featuring noodles in a meat or fish-based broth and various toppings give this dish its own distinctive taste.

Japan is an enchanting country with its rich culture, natural beauty, and of course, delicious cuisine. One form of love for Japanese culinary delights is through Japanese food businesses.

The uniqueness of the traditional and innovative dishes on offer has made the popularity of Japanese food increase.

This makes the opportunities for the Japanese food business, especially in Indonesia, quite large. Interested in starting your business?

Japanese Food Business Opportunities in Indonesia

The opportunity for a Japanese food business in Indonesia is quite large because Japanese food has become a type of food that is popular among the public. The following are several factors that can explain Japanese food business opportunities in Indonesia:

  1. Consumer interest : Indonesian people have a high interest in Japanese culture, including Japanese food. Sushi, ramen, tempura and takoyaki are examples of Japanese food that are very popular in Indonesia. Demand for Japanese food continues to increase along with increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and quality food.
  2. Culinary diversity : Indonesia has high culinary diversity, and Japanese food offers variety and uniqueness that is different from local cuisine. This makes Japanese food an attractive choice for consumers looking for new and exotic culinary experiences.
  3. Influence of social media : Social media plays a big role in popularizing Japanese food in Indonesia. Many Japanese restaurants gain wide exposure through social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Attractive photos and appetizing videos attract interest and make people interested in trying Japanese food.
  4. Adaptation to local tastes : Many Japanese restaurants in Indonesia have adapted their menus to local tastes. They offer a variety of Japanese food tailored to the tastes and taste preferences of the Indonesian people. For example, there is sushi with different fillings, such as sambal or rendang, which caters to local taste preferences.
  5. Profitable business potential : Japanese food businesses have the potential to become profitable businesses in Indonesia. Due to their popularity, Japanese restaurants tend to attract many customers. In addition, the food and beverage sector in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly, especially with the growth of the restaurant industry and increased consumer spending.

Advantages of Japanese Food Business

Below are some of the advantages of a Japanese food business that you can consider.

1. Much popular in Indonesia

In Indonesia, interest in Japanese food is not decreasing, but continues to increase. Although initially many were skeptical that this dish from the land of cherry blossoms would not suit Indonesian tastes, in fact this dish has many fans. 

In fact, Japanese food has more fans than other foreign foods. This is because there are several Japanese dishes that have been processed and adapted to the tastes of Indonesian people.

2. Can be made by street vendors or expensive restaurants

Another specialty of Japanese food businesses is that they can be served as luxury food or street food. That is why Japanese food is very suitable for use as street food or in luxury restaurants. 

Of course, this allows Japanese food businesses to reach all levels of society. In this way, the customer target will be wider.

3. Everyone can run it

This Japanese food business can and is suitable for anyone to run. So, you don't have to be Japanese or have traveled there to run this business. There are now a lot of learning media, you can open YouTube or whatever to look for more detailed references about Japanese food.

4. Raw materials are easy to find

Japanese cooking requires special raw materials to make it. However, there's no need to worry, because now you can find Japanese cooking ingredients in the nearest shop, market or supermarket.

5. Can be started with small capital

Running a Japanese food business can indeed be started with simple and easy steps. In fact, capital for a Japanese food business doesn't have to be fantastic. You can run it with small capital. As we discussed previously, this food is still suitable for sale using the street food system. Surely you have also met him often, right?


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