There are many dishes that can be made from duck. You could say that ducks are one of the livestock animals that are sought after by the public for consumption. Duck meat is known to have a delicious taste if prepared well.

If you look at the market, processed duck is increasingly popular with Indonesian people because the taste of duck meat is considered delicious and has a fibrous texture. If you live in a rural area, the opportunity to become a supplier of duck needs for the wider community is very open. Before starting a duck business,Come on, let's find out how to start a duck business.

How to Start a Duck Farming Business

To start cultivation, understand how to start a business to determine the cultivation strategy you want to use

Survey of Farming Places

Before starting cultivation, it would be better to conduct a survey of the cultivation location. Raising ducks requires dry land and sufficient lighting

Apart from having to be clean and comfortable, try to keep the location of the livestock far from residential areas so that the ducks don't feel stressed. 

Adjust the size of the place to the number of ducks you want to breed. Usually the duck cage is 1 square meter for two ducks. Generally, ducks are raised starting from 100.

Making a Cage

After that, understand what type of cage is suitable for your cultivation. There are three types of duck cages, namely. Namely stage cages, litter cages and also battery system cages. 

Stilt cages are usually located on the ground. The advantage of this cage is that it keeps the ducks dry and prevents them from various diseases

The litter cage is a cage made of a square fence with closed and open spaces. This cage is cheap to make

Meanwhile, the shape of the battery cage resembles a stage cage, only it is made of tiers. Usually the base is tilted up to 30 degrees in a forward position, making it easier to lay duck eggs.

Select Duck Seeds

Duck seeds will greatly affect the quality of the ducks when harvested. Usually duck seeds will be sold from egg to hatch with price variations according to quality.

When choosing seeds, make sure they come from superior seeds. Usually called Day Old Duck (DOD) in the world of duck farming. Usually superior seeds have a weight of around 38-40 grams, move agile and aggressive and have no defects in their bodies

Select Feed

The quality of meat and eggs can also be influenced by good feed. Duck feed must meet daily energy, mineral and protein needs

Duck feed is now easy to get in various variations. Ducks can also be given natural food such as grains, snails, chicken waste, fish, vegetables or other mixtures

Do Duck Care

To produce a quality duck harvest, carry out good and regular maintenance.

Pay attention to hygiene and health factors in ducks. Separate the sick ducks from the others so they don't spread

Because the growth of each duck is different from one another. So it is necessary to group ducks based on size to prevent large ducks from hurting small ducks. 

Harvest Eggs

Ducks will start laying eggs at the age of 5-7 months. The number of eggs produced may not be stable at the start of the harvest but can be used

In the first 5 to 7 months of age, with 100 ducks you will get 30 to 50 eggs. And the number will increase when the ducks reach their peak productive age

To facilitate your business performance. The use of business assistance machines is highly recommended. SOURCE

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