This culinary dish made from rice rolls and processed seafood is quite popular among the public. This has resulted in the growth of the sushi culinary business starting to mushroom all over the country. Currently, Japanese culture has become a popular part among young people in Indonesia.

This trend started from Japanese anime-style fashion which is popular among young people today. Apart from various types of Japanese cartoon films, food from the Land of the Rising Sun is also starting to become known and liked by people in Indonesia.

The home sushi business is becoming a viral trend on social media. 

How do you create a recipe for success in running this Japanese culinary business to achieve abundant profits?

The development of the culinary industry is always interesting to discuss, with excellent opportunities and continued growth.

Food has now become a basic human need, more than just a means to satisfy hunger. 

Many people consider culinary delights as a way to entertain themselves, achieve happiness, or even as a form of culinary tourism.

Apart from that, food also functions as a tool to initiate pleasant social interactions. 

When people gather at the same table, the dishes served trigger precious moments of togetherness.

Not infrequently, the dish itself becomes a topic of conversation. Especially if you serve a specific type of dish that many people like, such as sushi. 

This Japanese dish has many fans all over the world.

This is what makes the sushi business a promising opportunity, including in Indonesia. 

The reason is, Indonesian people are known to have a habit of eating rice that cannot be ignored. 

Are you interested in trying a home sushi business? Come on, take a look at the following business analysis to achieve success!

Home Sushi Business Opportunities

Why is sushi so popular? First of all, the interesting thing about sushi is that it is a very colorful dish.

Each portion of sushi displays the red color of the shrimp and fish flesh, the green color of various vegetables, and the orange color of the mentai sauce. 

Sushi is not just a filling dish, it also brings happiness.

Sushi is considered a healthier food choice than other types of cuisine. 

Made from various types of fish and meat, vegetables and seaweed, sushi is an appetizing dish.

In addition, consuming sushi does not cause flatulence. The combination of fresh fish, rice and vegetables provides a unique and amazing culinary experience.

In Indonesia, typical Japanese food has become a familiar thing. 

Many culinary connoisseurs in Indonesia have tried sushi and ramen, two of Japan's favorite dishes.

Although not everyone likes raw fish, there are sushi restaurants that offer sushi filled with cooked fish. 

This pampers sushi lovers in Indonesia with a variety of choices.

However, Japanese food is often considered an expensive dish due to the high prices of fish and shrimp in Indonesia. 

Especially if you use salmon or lobster which are known to be very expensive.

This obstacle often makes many people delay enjoying sushi. However, home sushi businesses can fill a gap in the market by providing affordable sushi.

With the support of social media and online food ordering applications, there is no longer any reason to wait. 

You can meet the needs of culinary connoisseurs by opening a home sushi business that offers affordable prices.

Tips for Starting a Sushi Business at Home

Here are some effective tips for starting a home sushi business to get tempting profits, pay attention!

1. Determine the Business Model First!

A home sushi business can be run using several models. First, you can open a booth or small cart placed in your yard. 

With a sushi cart, you can serve purchases on the spot.

If you have a yard or garage that is large enough and is on the side of the main road, then you can provide several chairs and tables for dine-in service.

Second, focus on selling sushi online. 

This way, you don't need a large area of ​​land. Just put up a banner in front of your house so that online motorcycle taxi drivers can find your location.

You can also create a menu book and share it via WhatsApp. 

2. Learn Various Sushi Recipes

The next step in starting a home sushi business is to learn various recipes for making it. 

A home sushi business is relatively easy to run, especially because the process of making this dish is not too complicated.

Raw materials for sushi are also easy to find on the market. Sushi recipes can be obtained from various sources. 

Try to create your own special dish recipe as a mainstay menu!

3. Use quality raw materials

When building a home sushi business, make sure you use quality raw materials.

“Quality” here doesn't always have to be the most expensive, but choose raw materials according to the price.

However, make sure the raw materials you choose are fresh, safe and well processed. 

Apart from that, use clean and new cooking utensils to produce the best sushi dishes.

4. Prepare the equipment for making sushi

A home sushi business requires some special tools to make it. 

The process of making sushi certainly requires a rolling tool which is usually called a bamboo sushi mat.

Apart from that, you also need chopsticks and plastic gloves.

The process of rolling this dish does require practice so that the results are perfect.

5. Set Affordable Prices

A distinctive feature of a home sushi business is affordable prices. Even though the price is cheap, you can still get good profits. 

Usually, home sushi businesses sell each portion of sushi for IDR 20 – 40 thousand.

If you use chicken and tuna as the filling, the price may be slightly cheaper than sushi containing shrimp and salmon.

If possible, experiment by creating new sushi fillings, such as catfish, shredded meat, mushrooms, and so on.

What is the Capital and Profit from a Home Sushi Business?

A home sushi business requires capital as an initial investment. 

This investment cost is used to purchase the needs for making sushi, including display cases, cooking equipment, rice packaging, etc., which can cost as much as IDR 5 million.

However, these funds can be reduced if you already have cooking equipment and don't want to open a display case to purchase on the spot. 

Meanwhile, fixed costs reach around IDR 2 million.

Furthermore, the variable costs for purchasing raw materials are around IDR 10 million per month. 

These funds are used to buy meat, nori, Japanese rice, sesame, crab stick, rice vinegar, wasabi, mentai sauce, Japanese cucumber, pepper, salt, LPG gas, packaging, washing soap, and also for promotional budgets.

If you can sell 30 portions of sushi at a price of IDR 25 thousand per portion a day, your income will reach IDR 675 thousand per day or IDR 20.25 million per month.

This means that with capital of IDR 12 million, you can get a net profit of up to IDR 8 million per month.SOURCE

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