Jamu has been a mainstay herbal drink for Indonesian people for a long time. Even though it has a traditional impression, in fact, if it is developed well, contemporary herbal medicine businesses can have the potential to achieve success.

Traditional herbal medicine is increasingly in demand with its attractive packaging. There are traditional herbal medicines that are brewed, some are packaged in bottles, making them easier to consume. 

Now, if you sell traditional herbal medicine, you don't need to go around. You can start a herbal medicine packaging business online .

Apart from a good concoction, you need attractive packaging and convincing promotions to sell your herbal medicine.

The ingredients for making traditional herbal medicine are not difficult. You can get it at traditional markets or suppliers. 

This packaged herbal medicine business is promising, because public awareness of consuming traditional drinks has increased since the pandemic. 

But before you sell your herbal medicine to the market, don't forget to make several samples until you find the right and delicious taste.

Also use quality ingredients to get an original and delicious taste. How do you start a herbal medicine packaging business.

How to Start a Packaging Herbal Medicine Business

The packaged herbal medicine business has great potential. If you are interested, do a market survey first what types of herbal medicine consumers like.

You can also see other manufacturers of packaged herbal medicine, how they mix and package herbal medicine. 

For today's consumers, packaging is very important. So, don't ignore packaging.

The following is a way to start a herbal medicine packaging business that you can try:

1. Determine the type of herbal medicine to be sold 

The first step you have to take is to determine the type of herbal medicine you will sell. 

There are two types of packaged herbal medicine business, namely powdered herbal medicine and ready-to-drink herbal medicine. Apart from that, determine the herbal menu that you will serve. 

For example, sour turmeric herbal medicine, kencur rice herbal medicine, sour sugar herbal medicine, slimming herbal medicine, and others. 

You can also make several new recipes that are different from other sellers. If there are advantages or uniqueness to the herbal medicine you make, it will be added value to the packaged herbal medicine business that you are starting. 

2. Trial and Error Recipes 

After determining the menu, you can make a sample first. It's not certain that the herbal medicine you make can be said to be worth selling.

Try the recipe you have several times, until you get the right taste. You can ask several people to try the herbal medicine you make. 

A unique and different menu will attract consumer interest. However, don't forget the classic menus that will support the packaged herbal medicine business.

3. Choose quality materials

Next, before starting a herbal medicine packaging business, choose quality ingredients and affordable prices. Choose a supplier that provides fresh spices.

Delicious herbal medicine will smell of spices. The aroma also makes the body feel more relaxed. 

Not just spices, you also have to choose a good supplier. For example, he provides premium quality javanese or brown sugar.

4. Hygienic Manufacturing Process

Apart from fresh and quality ingredients, pay attention to how it is made. Make sure the herbal medicine products you produce are truly hygienic. 

Wash equipment before and after use. You also have to apply for permission from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (POM) so that the quality of the herbal medicine you make is guaranteed. 

The packaging you use is also safe for packaged drinks, especially those made from traditional ingredients.

5. Capital

The packaging herbal medicine business definitely requires capital. You must prepare a budget plan for the capital you need.

The capital required includes, among other things, buying equipment or tools for making herbal medicine. If you have sufficient capital, you can buy a material grinding machine. 

However, if you don't have enough funds, you can buy manual equipment first. 

6. Attractive packaging 

Prepare attractive packaging for your homemade herbal medicine. For ready-to-consume herbal medicine, you can use plastic bottles or glass bottles to guarantee the quality of your product. 

If you sell in powder form, you can provide several types of packaging. For example, 250 gr or 500 gr packaging.

7. Choose a business name 

Choose a unique name for your herbal medicine packaging business. A unique name will attract customers' attention. For example, Jejamoean, Jamoelah Only, Jamoe Kekinian, and others. 

After determining the right business name, create interesting social media or promotions. Include the benefits of each herbal medicine you sell. 

You can give small samples to friends or customers who order your herbal medicine.

Opportunities and Benefits of the Herbal Medicine Packaging Business

The packaged herbal medicine business is not only for the domestic market share. You can also target foreign markets for your herbal medicine. 

Not a few foreign tourists have fallen in love with traditional Indonesian herbal medicine products. According to South East Asia Backpacker , Indonesia not only offers interesting culinary delights, but also a variety of unique drinks.

This “unique” factor is the selling point of herbal medicine, so that the packaged herbal medicine business has the opportunity to gain foreign markets. 

There are several opportunities and benefits of the herbal medicine packaging business that you can predict. Following is the list. 

1. Wide Market Share

Nowadays, traditional herbal medicine is not only owned by parents. Young people have started to look at traditional drinks.

The packaging and taste are tailored to the tastes of young people, making this traditional drink popular. 

You can market traditional herbal medicine online . Take advantage of social media such as Instagram and Facebook to market your herbal medicine.

2. Does not require large capital

Every business requires capital. To start a herbal medicine packaging business, you don't need a lot of capital. 

Empon-empon as a basic ingredient is easy to obtain. You don't need a special place to produce herbal medicine. 

You can make herbal medicine in your home kitchen. Firstly, you can use existing kitchen equipment.

3. Raw materials are easy to obtain

Previously it was explained to provide quality raw materials. The advantage of opening a herbal medicine packaging business is that raw materials are easy to obtain. 

Indonesia is a country rich in spices. You can get quality traditional spices in traditional markets or through trusted suppliers. 

Other supporting materials, such as packaging, are also not difficult to obtain. You don't need to bring it from abroad, because everything is available around you. Source

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