Having a steady income is really fun, your monthly expenses are guaranteed. However, having additional income makes the heart even more happy. If there is a sudden need, there will be other sources you can rely on. One way to earn additional income is to open a business.

Are you interested in running a Frozen Food business at home? The following is a discussion of the Frozen Food business which is able to provide more profits during the pandemic.

Also known as frozen food, interest in it has recently increased, especially with the implementation of PPKM by the government. Frozen Food is processed food such as meatballs, sausages, nuggets, cireng, dumplings, risol and others that are preserved by freezing in the freezer.

Indeed, a frozen food business can be run from home and if carried out seriously it can increase quite large profits.

Home Frozen Food Business Tips

So how do you run a frozen food business for beginners? Check out the discussion below.


Commitment is very important to build when you start to enter the business world. With strong discipline within yourself, you will be able to increase your spirit of never giving up in developing your business.

Especially if the business you run is based on certain circumstances, such as the Frozen Food business which has risen in popularity during the Covid-19 situation. Would you be ready if things were different?

This commitment will continue to help you survive and resolve all problems that arise when your business runs.


Before you start a Frozen Food business, make sure to do research first. You can record capital requirements, products to be made, raw materials, processing processes and other important things.

By doing research, you will be able to see a picture of your business in the future, from its needs to business competition. You can also do research by listing business competitors, trying the products they sell and how much they sell for.

The main aim of conducting research is so that the product you produce will not be less competitive than other business competitors. For example, making frozen beef meatballs, it's best to research the raw materials first, the processing process, until finally it's packaged and marketed.

Define Product

After doing research, the next step is to determine the product you will sell. There are lots of frozen food choices nowadays and the most common ones are beef meatballs, fish meatballs, sausages, nuggets, cireng, pempek, chicken noodles, dumplings and others.

Every product you sell has weaknesses and strengths when measured from several aspects such as capital, management process, how long the product can last, level of market demand and selling price.

Determine the Target Market / Customers

Determining the target market or customers is also no less important. You need to analyze this more deeply, because understanding the target market (Needs) can make the product sales process run more smoothly.

Now the market segment not only sells offline, but also needs to sell products online. Also understand the level of need for a product, for example if a lot of consumers are looking for chicken meatball products, then try to meet the needs of these consumers.

By understanding your market or customers, you can understand the need for the products that are most often sought after. So you can run your Frozen Food business more calmly, because the level of buyers is already known.

Venture capital

After that, make sure that the business capital for running the Frozen Food business is clearly detailed. To begin with, you can calculate business capital from the smallest scale first.

Examples of the use of business capital include purchasing the main raw materials for making Frozen Food products, freezer cabinets, airtight packaging using a press, vacuum packaging, operational costs and various other things in detail.

Business Equipment

You can adjust the equipment in the Frozen Food business to suit your needs. When you first start a business, use sufficient capital to buy the main equipment to support the business.

Especially for the Frozen Food business, the equipment used will be adjusted to the product to be made. Examples of main equipment include meat grinders, airtight packaging, vacuum packaging, packaging press equipment, freezers and others.

Product marketing

You can do product marketing by informing offline, such as by word of mouth or placing banners. To be more effective, start promoting online, such as selling on social media or e-commerce.

Apart from that, on social media you can also promote products by collaborating with various influencers or placing advertisements.

Food License

To increase the selling power of your product and the trust of your potential customers, it is best to register your Frozen Food product with PIRT, BPOM and MUI.

The main purpose of registering is to ensure that the Frozen Food products sold are safe and halal. Buyers will be calmer when buying your Frozen Food products.

Increase Business Network

Improving business networks can be done by conducting business collaborations, such as collaborating with catering providers, meatball sellers and others. If you have passed the food testing registration, then you can apply for sales to various minimarkets.


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