One business that has promising opportunities is duck farming which can produce meat and eggs, which will be much sought after because the number of fans of food from this animal is quite large.

The duck farming business is still one of the livestock businesses that has survived to this day. Although duck farming is still less popular than chicken farming and catfish farming, this business can be a promising business prospect

Big Opportunities for Duck Farming Business

Almost the same as chicken. The duck farming business can be divided into two focuses. Namely laying ducks and broiler ducks. Laying ducks, making duck eggs the main commodity for sale. In one day, ducks can lay a large number of eggs.

Broiler ducks, making duck meat the main commodity for sale. Duck meat has a distinctive taste, different from chicken meat.

n the market, the price of duck meat is more expensive than chicken meat. Therefore, the broiler duck business is a good prospect even for beginners

Apart from that, broiler ducks can also be used for their feathers for crafts and their droppings for catfish feed. There are several strong reasons why the prospects for the duck farming business can be said to be promising

  • Duck consumption is quite stable and is much sought after by the public
  • Duck is known to have a delicious and delicious taste
  • A duck business can be started from a home scale
  • Minimal capital and relatively easy maintenance
  • The harvest can be distributed anywhere, such as duck suppliers, restaurants, and even sold online

Types of Quality Ducks

Get to know the types of ducks that are quality and have a fast growth period.

Peking Duck

Peking ducks were originally poultry from China, but now many Indonesians breed them. Peking duck is a type of meat duck that has a fast growth period. At around 45 days, the weight of a Peking duck can reach 2 kg

Hybrid Duck

Hybrid ducks are often chosen for cultivation because their meat and eggs can be used simultaneously. However, this type of meat is more often used for consumption

Alabio Duck

Alabio ducks are also called Alabio ducks. This duck comes from the Kalimantan area. Just like hybrids, this type is cultivated for its meat and eggs. Even at a fairly young age, these ducks are starting to lay eggs, but the eggs are immediately abandoned by their mothers.

Magelang Duck

As the name suggests, this type of duck comes from Magelang and is spread across various cities such as Jogja to Semarang.

The Magelang duck can be recognized by its distinctive color, namely predominantly brown with a little black and white around its neck. 

Magelang ducks can be grazed freely, they don't have to be kept in cages. Magelang ducks can be used for their eggs and meat. although initially this duck was only used for its eggs

Tegal Duck

This duck is often found in the Tegal and Brebes areas. Be careful, this type is similar to the Magelang duck, but almost the entire body of the Tegal duck is brown. 

This type can reach a weight of around 1.5 to 2 kg per head. The difference in size between male and female ducks is also not very striking. Tegal ducks are a profitable type of duck, because their eggs and meat can be used

Egg production in this type is quite high, reaching 250 eggs per year per bird. Apart from that, with a fairly good meat weight, this type is also profitable for use as a broiler duck.

Duck King

The king duck is the result of crossbreeding between the Alabio type and the Mojosari duck. This duck has a fairly large body with a fast growth period

The weight of a king duck can reach half a kilogram in just 6-7 weeks. In terms of egg production, this duck is capable of producing 270 eggs per year. Peak production occurs in ducks that are 4.5 months old and can last for 2 years in a row. This is the reason why king ducks are often the choice of breeders.

Serati Duck

Serati is a relative that results from crossbreeding ducks with local male muscovy ducks. Serati ducks have a lot of meat and a fairly fast growth rate.

Within two months, the average weight can reach around 2 kg. Even though they have a fast growth rate, this type of duck requires quite a bit of food. SOURCE

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