This typical Minangkabau cut of beef was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2011, making it one of the most respected and sought after foods by culinary lovers in various parts of the world.

Looking for a home business idea? That's really right! There are recommendations that are suitable for those of you who want to have a home business, especially culinary lovers. One of them is dry rendang or packaged rendang. 

Yes, who doesn't like rendang? This typical dish from West Sumatra which is rich in spices has a delicious taste. Well, this idea could be a business opportunity, you know! 

Apart from its delicious taste, rendang is a long-lasting food. So this dry rendang or packaged rendang can be used as provisions for traveling long distances. 

Actually, the dry rendang or packaged rendang business is the same as other businesses, only the cooking process is different. So, how do you start a dry rendang or packaged rendang cooking business? 

Learn How to Process Rendang Meat

Before getting into this business, make sure you know how to cook rendang. Foods that must be had during Eid. To cook it, you really need patience to get maximum results.

There are mandatory spices that should not be missed when making rendang. Rendang spices such as garlic, shallots, ginger, laos, red chilies, turmeric and orange leaves and other spices. 

Apart from that, the distinctive taste of rendang is also obtained from the way it is prepared. You need to understand and master authentic rendang processing methods before starting a business. Moreover, later, the rendang becomes dry rendang or packaged rendang. 

Create Unique and Attractive Branding 

After that, determine the dry rendang or packaged rendang business concept. You need a different concept to attract buyers' attention. Offer rendang with quality raw materials wrapped in attractive packaging.

Create a brand name and logo that can be displayed on marketing. Then do research on who is suitable to be your target market. Whether office workers or housewives. Because both are different segments.

Prepare Capital

Whatever business you want to do, capital is the most important thing. Yes, after preparing the product, concept, branding, next is capital. 

Create a budget to see the raw material capital required, such as meat, spices and packaging. To cut capital, you can use social media and marketplaces to sell.

Starting from Small Production

Starting a home business is best done in small amounts first. As a first step, try offering it to neighbors, family or other colleagues. When the response is good, you can offer it to a wider market. 


How will potential buyers know about the dry rendang or packaged rendang that you are selling if it is not marketed? Well, the key to business is promotion. 

For the initial stages of this online business, you can use social media for promotion and advertising. Also use WhatsApp groups, broadcasts or statuses for promotional purposes. You can also use a marketplace, such as Tokopedia.

So, those are the tips for starting a dry rendang or packaged rendang business. You can try this home business. Moreover, dry rendang can last up to 2 months. If you put it in the freezer, it can be stored even longer. SOURCE

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