Viral drinks with affordable capital can be a promising business opportunity.Especially if you want to try the idea of ​​selling drinks using Pop Ice.Certainly the idea of ​​selling drinks is very profitable and adds to the family's income.

 Pop ice is an old brand of powdered drink, for this reason this ice can actually be processed into contemporary ice such as aquarium ice or others. The advantage of this ice has been proven to be delicious, but the problem is the price if we can't get the right supplier. Below, will review again how this pop ice business can develop.

Pop Ice Business Opportunities

The ice pop business opportunity is considered good and very promising. Because basically ice has been around for a long time, but in order for us to be more competitive, we have to modify this ice so that it can arouse the tastes of children, especially

Business Benefits of Pop Ice Business

The potential for pop businesses is actually still huge, as long as we can innovate from pre-existing products and get cheap prices for the raw materials for making them.

1. Minimal capital

The first advantage of running an ice pop business is that it doesn't require a lot of capital. We can start a small-scale business such as home pop ice or buy a cart to sell it on the side of the road. Because there is only one drink, this business can be run alone without the need for collaboration with a franchisee

2. Wide Market Reach

Generally, the culinary business always has many opportunities to make a profit. Because pop ice is a typical drink and has not been touched by many big business people, of course there will be a lot of empty land for this cheap business.

3. Promising Profits

Even though it only uses a small amount of capital, the pop ice business cannot be underestimated. The reason is, to start an ice pop business you don't need many employees and you can even make it yourself.

This will of course reduce the costs that would otherwise be incurred. Apart from that, there are many pop ice fans from various circles. So the profits you will get will also be more promising.

Tips for Starting a Pop Ice Business

Currently, the pop ice business is a business that has promising potential and profits. The processing is not that difficult and the raw materials are easy to find on the market, which will make it easier for you to manage the business.

So that your business can run quickly and successfully, here are some successful tips for starting an ice pop business that you can try!

1. Strategic Marketing Location

The first success tip that you can try to apply when starting an ice pop business is choosing a strategic marketing location. You can choose locations with high mobility, for example markets, hospitals, shopping centers, parks and campuses.

2. Price

Apart from choosing a strategic marketing location, another tip for running your business successfully is setting normal prices. You can do a price survey before determining the selling price. Don't sell drinks at prices that are too expensive.

You also have to pay attention to the sales location because this will also affect the price. For example, campus areas usually have cheaper selling prices compared to mall areas.

3. Promotion

The promotion system that you can use in the pop ice business is 2 promotions, we use discounts in the delivery application and we use conventional promotions, such as we buy 3 get 1 free for direct purchases. This makes people more interested in buying more and also introduces our chocolate recipes to unreached consumers.

Details of Capital and Pop Ice Business Analysis

It is important for us to know the budget or capital that will be spent in starting an ice pop business. The minimum capital for an ice pop business is around 1 – 1.5 million. The following is the range of business capital and profits from the pop ice business.

1. Details of Initial Capital for Pop Ice Business

Before starting to run an ice pop business, there are several items of equipment and supplies that you need to prepare first, including:

Name of goodsUnitPrice
Portable Small Both Cart1IDR 500,000
2 Coolex box2IDR 250,000
Blender1IDR 250,000
Plastic cups10IDR 30,000
Etc1IDR 100,000
Total Rp . 1 130,000 _

2. Monthly Operational Costs for Pop Ice Business

We also have to calculate operational costs apart from capital costs or budget in starting an ice pop business. The following is a detailed range of monthly operational costs for starters:

Type of ExpenditureTotal
Various Flavors Pop Ice 10×40IDR 400,000
WaterIDR 450,000
Ice Cubes for 30 daysIDR 300,000
Jelly for 30 glasses x 30 daysIDR 300,000
Oz Glass 16 40×30Rp. 200,000
EtcIDR 100,000
TotalRp . 1 55 0,000

If we are confused about choosing a pop ice flavor that will definitely sell well, we can read the recommended pop variant article below:

Profit / Profit per Month Pop Ice Business

You can also calculate the estimated profit that you will get from the ice pop business that you are starting. You can create a simulation, for example in one day you can sell 100 glasses of pop ice. So here is the range of profits you will get:

  • Gross profit/day: 30 glasses x IDR 4,000 = IDR 120,000
  • Gross profit/month IDR 120 x 30 days = IDR 3,600,000
  • Net profit/month IDR 3,600,000 – 1,550,000 = IDR 2,050,000
  • Capital Turnover Time: IDR 1,130,000 : 2,050,000 = – 1 month
  • The estimated profit you will get depends on the number of pop ice products sold. But by selling just 30 glasses we can make a profit of 2 million per month

Starting and running an ice pop business is very easy and promising. Moreover, pop ice is liked by all groups. By knowing the range of capital and profits that will be obtained. It is hoped that you can run the pop ice business well and successfully. Good luck.Source

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