Coffee is still the favorite of Indonesian society today. Coffee can be served while hanging out with friends, reading a book, or even doing assignments. Therefore, contemporary coffee is the right choice for business. These are tips for success in opening a contemporary coffee business.

ced milk coffee has now become a drink that is popular with many people, especially among young people. It's not surprising that many people see business opportunities from this drink.

So, if you are interested in starting the same business, it's a good idea to pay attention to some of the current coffee milk business tips.

Summarizing various sources, here are tips for building a contemporary coffee business for millennials.

Learn Simple Coffee Mixtures

The main step if you want to open a milk coffee business, of course you have to learn to make simple coffee blends first. Make sure the coffee milk has a good taste and quality.

Apart from espresso, to make modern iced milk coffee, you can also replace it with cold brew coffee.

Find out the right dose

The key to enjoying iced milk coffee is the ratio between coffee and water used for brewing. Ideally, you can use a 1 in 6 recipe, or 100 grams of coffee brewed with 600 grams of water.

Apart from that, it is also important to pay attention to the use of milk and palm sugar to balance the taste of milk coffee. For milk, you can use whole milk or UHT milk.

Prepare Capital

If you want to start a business, of course you have to prepare initial capital. Especially for the contemporary iced coffee business, it actually doesn't require too much capital.

The details of this business capital depend on the price of the coffee beans used. Considering that the selling prices for Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are not the same, usually Robusta coffee beans have a more economical price.

If you have minimal capital, it is recommended to use ready-made cold brew coffee to make milk coffee. However, if you have a higher capital budget, you can use an espresso machine with a price range starting from IDR 2 million and above.

Create a Unique Selling Point

Currently, coffee shops are mushrooming in Indonesia. You can easily find coffee shops, especially in big cities.

Therefore, ‘unique selling' points need to be had so that businesses can compete. In other words, you have to have milk coffee that is different from the existing ones to create a unique product. To make it even more interesting, create several different variations of iced coffee for consumers to choose from.

Apart from adding palm sugar, you can also use syrup with various flavors to add to the taste of the coffee. One of the recommended syrup brands to choose from is Gourmet Syrup from ABC.

With premium quality, Gourmet Syrup from ABC comes in 3 delicious flavor variants, namely Rich Hazelnut, Silky Caramel, and Velvety Vanilla.

All three do not have artificial colorings and sweeteners that can interfere with the taste of your drink. ABC Gourmet Syrup Choice has a thick texture, sweet aroma, and rich taste.Source

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