Cetroo Coffee is a beverage franchise brand that has experience in the Food and Beverage sector since 2009. Focusing on contemporary milk coffee franchise products, Cetroo has partners spread across various regions in Indonesia

Cetroo Coffee continues to strive to help and provide solutions in the coffee drink franchise business. As well as innovating to create quality drinks that suit the community.

After the success of several contemporary coffee drink brands , many coffee shops have turned to opening franchise opportunities. One of the old coffee shops that has opened a franchise system is Cetroo Coffee.

Following society's increasingly dynamic lifestyle, coffee business people are trying to be more efficient. Some of the innovations that can be clearly seen are the shop concept and also the packaging.

Some innovations that can be clearly seen are the minimalist shop concept with practical grab and go packaging. Many beverage outlets have been successful with this concept, namely Janji Jiwa, Another Heart, Memories, and many more.

For coffee entrepreneurs who started selling in the early 2000s, this market change is a challenge. Cetroo Coffee, for example, has not only changed to using a franchise system but also a different concept. For complete information, see here.

About Cetroo Coffee

cetroo coffee franchise package
Source: Instagram – cetroocoffee

Cetroo Coffee is a beverage brand that is run on a franchise system. This brand has actually been in Indonesia for quite a long time, through their official website, they claim to have been present since 2009.

The owner, Andi S Purbawa, admitted that he started this business because he wanted to stop being an employee. A year after the founding of Cetroo, he also opened up partnership opportunities under the auspices of PT Indotrans Mitra Selaras.

As of November 2020, Cetroo Coffee has more than 10 franchises spread across Indonesia. This amount is still quite far from enough. Because they are targeting to open 300 branches.

Two Versions of the Franchise Concept

When you open or see one of Cetroo Coffee's branches, perhaps the right words to describe it are minimalist and modern. Interior that is not outdated, practical packaging that people like now, and an online-based approach to society. These criteria are the characteristics of contemporary coffees.

In fact, previously Cetroo was a brand that had a different and simpler concept. Only use a wheelbarrow and sell directly to customers. Even though the packaging is disposable, it is not as practical as it is today.

Unfortunately there is a lack of information regarding this rebranding, there is no clarification or relevant news. There is no information whether these two concepts were actually offered, turned into a mini cafe concept with rebranding, or whether they are actually products from different companies.

Cetroo Coffee Franchise Location Requirements

To open a franchise for this brand, all you need to prepare is a location and money to buy a Cetroo Coffee business package. Even so, what may be difficult is finding a suitable place to start selling.

Cetroo Coffee offers two criteria for selling places, in the center of the crowd with an indoor outlet or on the side of the road with a mini cafe concept. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to both, if you are in a busy center there will be high traffic but rent will also be more expensive.

Plus, for the indoor outlet concept, the specifications are quite large and difficult. Management asks for a minimum area of ​​12 square meters, which is quite expensive to rent open counter space in a mall. They also require clean and dirty water routes. If this request is difficult, it may be best to talk to management directly to find a solution.

Estimated Capital and Price of Cetroo Coffee Franchise Packages

Source: Instagram – cetroocoffee

The price of the Cetroo Coffee franchise package is 94 million rupiah. It's quite high when compared to other brands in its class. But the package you get is quite complete and worth the price.

By paying a dowry of 94 million rupiah, you will get a coffee machine, brewing equipment, uniforms, training, initial raw materials, booth construction and SOP. You will also get a cashier application bonus from Moka Pos for one year, but this does not include the tools.

If you don't want to use a management contractor, the package price will be 69 million rupiah. But you still have to build it yourself at a cost of at least 18 million for a simple outdoor booth depending on your area.

Don't forget to prepare funds for employee salaries and also location rental if the place is not your own. So the initial estimated capital could be said to be 120 to 130 million rupiah.

Other Franchise Alternatives

The same concept and product can have different prices depending on the brand value. Cetroo Coffee can be said to be a company that offers quite cheap business packages. The reason is, with his long track record he can still offer prices below 100 million rupiah.Source

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